Britain First Leadership Team


Paul Golding was born in London in 1982.

He first got involved in patriotic politics in 1999.

He served as Director of Publicity and Director of Communications for a former political party and was elected as a local councillor in 2009.

Paul is a Christian and in 2011 founded the Britain First movement with a membership of only three individuals.

Seven years later, under his leadership, the Britain First movement numbers millions.

Paul has stood in elections for parliament and for Mayor of London.

Paul was sent to prison in 2016 for confronting a Muslim hate preacher who was secretly recorded saying it's okay for Muslims to keep sex slaves.

Paul has been served with official death threat 'Osman Warnings' and jihadists have been imprisoned for planning to behead him.

Paul was sent to prison for a second time in March 2018 for 'harassing' a migrant paedophile rape gang in Ramsgate.

Paul has risked his life many times confronting dangerous Islamic extremists and convicted terrorists.


Jayda Fransen was born in London in 1986.

Jayda practised and studied law for many years before founding a recruitment consultancy.

Jayda has been involved in the counter jihad struggle for many years before joining Britain First.

In 2014, Jayda was elected Deputy Leader of Britain First.

Jayda has stood in elections to Parliament and the Greater London Assembly.

Jayda also serves as Britain First press officer and has taken part in numerous high profile TV documentaries.

Jayda is a devout Christian from a Catholic background.

Jayda has risked her life on many occasions confronting dangerous Islamists and terrorists, such as hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

For many years Jayda has endured police persecution and harassment at the hands of the establishment.

Jayda was sent to prison in March 2018 for 'harassing' a migrant paedophile rape gang in Ramsgate.