Analysis of the General Election - By Paul Golding

By Paul Golding - The general election has concluded, and it played out pretty much as I thought it would.

The general election has concluded, and it played out pretty much as I thought it would.

Thanks to our corrupt, outdated and completely unfair election system, Labour managed to secure a huge parliamentary super-majority, even though two-thirds of those who voted did not vote for them.

Labour polled only 34% of the vote, but ended up with 64% of the seats in Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Reform gained 14% of the national vote (almost half of the Labour vote), but secured only 1% of the seats in Parliament.

Reform achieved 4,072,947 votes, and got 5 seats, but the Liberal Democrats got 3,487,568 votes, bagging 71 seats.

A more unfair electoral system probably couldn't be devised!

Reform achieved over 4 million votes, but got around the same amount of seats in Parliament as independent Islamic extremist candidates!

Hardline Islamist extremists were elected in Leicester, Blackburn, Dewsbury and Birmingham.

So what about the good news coming out of the election?

The arch-traitor George Galloway lost his seat in Rochdale.

The Conservatives were utterly annihilated and lost 241 seats in Parliament.

The SNP has crumbled to only a small handful of seats, down from a high of 41 in 2019.

Nigel Farage was elected to Parliament, which is really going to shake things up.

I predicted for months before the election that Labour would win and gain a huge majority, the Tories would be obliterated, but the number of Reform seats would be far below expectations.

Already, top leadership contender Suella Braverman - one of the few high ranking Tories to hold their seat - is jockeying for position.

She has already said that she would be more than happy to do a deal with Nigel Farage and Reform.

Farage has said many times he would be happy to do a deal with the Tories, and merge Reform into the Conservatives.

If Braverman wins the impending Tory leadership contest, this is almost certainly what will happen.

The main condition for this merger I imagine will be that the Tories support 'Proportional Representation', which will open up the field so that Britain First can win seats in Parliament in the future.

Once this merger happens, we will be back to square one, Tories versus Labour, and Farage and Co will be neutralised and drowned out inside a party that hasn't kept any promises for 100 years.

After being on the frontline of British politics for over 25 years now, I can honestly see this happening over the next year.

Farage and Co will not be able to assert themselves in a Tory party that is comprised mostly of liberals.

Sure, he might be appointed to a senior cabinet position, but he won't be able to achieve anything, because he will be restrained by the rest of the rotten liberal Tory party.

Britain First has always competed effectively with the 'Big League' of politics in local elections.

In various areas across the country, we have defeated the Conservatives, Labour, the Lib-Dems, the Greens, Reform, UKIP and lots of others.

In local council elections, we can compete with anyone and beat them.

Next May, we have a range of local and county councils up for grabs.

This time, unlike previous years, we are going to go for scale, and stand up to 50 seats across the nation.

After years of intense electioneering, we fully understand what it takes to fight local elections and achieve impressive results.

In a few weeks, we will start to appeal for candidates, and we will provide a list of councils that are holding elections next May.

We are going to focus like a laser beam on making a breakthrough by winning a council seat (or seats) in the next few years.

I am extremely optimistic for the next few years, as politics is undergoing huge changes and shifts that we haven't seen in a century.

Like I have always said, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Strategically, we need things to get very bad in a short period of time, in order to force voters off their backsides.

Yesterday, only 50% of registered voters actually voted.

The 'Silent Majority' is still very silent.

The only way we are going to see a reversal of our devastating situation is if untold millions of lazy voters actually go and out and vote nationalist.

The only way this will happen is if life becomes very, very unpleasant for the majority of the population.

Enter a new Labour government!

In the years to come, mass immigration is going to increase, woke politics is going to explode in every sector of society, illegal boat crossings will become an avalanche, Islamic extremism will be unleashed, the economy will tank, massive government spending will lead to inflation, the 'cost of living' crisis is going to impoverish working people, foolish Net Zero policies will massively increase energy costs, and so on and so on.

Britain is going to become a living hell, but that will create the conditions for a genuine nationalist party to rise and challenge the old-gang at Westminster.

If Britain First does not succeed, our nation will sink into an abyss, and horrors will be unleashed that we cannot even imagine.

This is why I am appealing for your help!

I am asking you to help me build the patriot movement this country needs.

Wishy-washy, pandering Tory parties will not rescue this country from destruction.

We need a fierce, strong, robust, uncompromising nationalist party, not another bunch of limp-wristed Tories.

Right now, I just want to keep this movement powering forward.

We are under massive financial pressure due to our recent growth and expansion.

Please remember, we have a fleet of Battle Buses, two offices, running costs, campaign expenses, and a million other small costs that add up a big total every month.

If you can throw a fiver in the pot, that would get us out of trouble.

Surely you can afford a fiver?

I am depending on you to help me out with this.

Please chip in with any amount you can afford:

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