Another immigrant crime cover-up - this time in Holland

For decades police, local councils, politicians and mainstream media concealed from public knowledge terrible crimes of sexual violence committed by (mainly) Pakistani-origin Muslims against thousands of (mainly) white English girls in Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford, Newcastle, Peterborough, Oxford and other English towns and cities.

The same strategy of lies, concealment and denial was adopted by German officials following mass sex assaults by third-world migrants in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2015-16.

Last year, the northern Finnish city of Oulu suffered an outbreak of barbaric rapes by immigrants, and again police were reluctant to act:

Initial reports suggest that the abused girls and their parents were not necessarily believed; the police responded only after the strong intervention of the father and step-father of one victim, who set a trap for one of the groomers online. It was this intervention that led a local councilman to uncover the fact that in a two-day period, 'a total of 8 men with migrant names had been incarcerated for child sexual abuse, aggravated child sexual abuse and aggravated rape.'

Only after this information became public did the local police finally issue a warning to parents about the threat faced by their children... .

And this week in the Netherlands, migration minister Mark Harbers resigned after he was caught covering up migrant crime statistics:

The Dutch migration minister has quit after coming under fire over how crimes involving asylum-seekers were reported. ...

Harbers presented a report to the Dutch parliament that included information on crimes committed by asylum-seekers. Various misdemeanors, such as shoplifting, had their own separate categories but serious crimes such as sexual assault, murder and manslaughter were placed under the category 'other.'

You couldn't make it up.

This chart from the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics shows the true picture with respect to young offenders:

Fear of being called 'racist' is one reason why public officials may turn a blind eye to immigrant crimes.

But there's a bigger reason, which is that murders, rapes, robberies and other serious crimes committed by people of foreign origin directly contradict the official line on 'diversity' and its (imaginary) benefits.

Such crimes remind the electorate of the costs of uncontrolled mass immigration, which include also increased terrorism, wholesale replacement of indigenous communities, societal fragmentation along racial/ religious lines, a growing risk of communal conflict, and loss of fundamental freedoms as the panicking establishment tries to keep a lid on things.

(It's no coincidence that new 'hate speech' laws curtailing free expression came at the same time as an unprecedented influx of people from very different cultures, including Islamist extremists who think lethal violence is a legitimate response to criticism, insult or mockery of Islam.)

The bloody offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after the Islamist murder of journalists and cartoonists in January 2015.

It's clear by now that Western ruling elites will sacrifice anything - child safety, free speech, safe cities, long-standing communities, your home, your job, even your life - to the god of diversity.

Like addicted gamblers they'll risk everything on their failing system, regardless of likely catastrophic consequences.

It is precisely to PREVENT catastrophe and restore freedom, peace and security to our country that Britain First activists campaign to halt immigration, deport potentially dangerous illegals and expose Islamist extremism wherever it arises.



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