Anti-LGBT protestors picket second Birmingham school after injunction

Following the issue of a High Court injunction to stop anti-LGBT protesters from congregating outside Anderton Park Road school in Birmingham, the protestors have targeted a second school in a bid to have the 'No Outsiders' programme removed from the school curriculum.

Parkfield School in Alum Rock is the second school to be targeted by the protesters, who say that they will do 'everything lawful' to prevent the teaching of the controversial LGBT equality program, which they say promotes a message that 'being gay is OK'.

A gathering - led by the protesters' spokesman Jay Hussain - claimed that 'The school is not respecting our religious beliefs', and that pupils would be withdrawn from the school on Wednesday 10 July to emphasise their position, which is that the school has let down parents.

They further warned that if the school does not back down then they would also seek to drive out Andrew Moffatt, the school's assistant head and originator of the 'No Outsiders' programme.

The protest was condemned by Parkfield Parents' Group, who say that consultation and mediation is the only way forward to resolve the issue.

However Jay Hussain said that consultation had failed and that 'Our beliefs as Muslims come before any legislation.'

Islamic doctrine (as dictated by Allah to the prophet Mohammed via the Angel Gabriel) holds that any expression of homosexuality is haram (sinful) and must be punished by death.

It is looking more and more like - if Mohammed won't come to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammed.


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