Australia: Thousands rally in Sydney to defend unborn children

Thousands of Australians gathered at Martin Place in Sydney on Tuesday evening to take a stand for the unborn and ‘be a voice for the voiceless’.

The ‘Stand for Life‘ rally was organised in response to the Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill 2019, which last week passed the lower house 59 to 31.

The bill will essentially throw open the doors to late-term abortion, on-demand, by any method, no matter how abhorrent, up to 22 weeks. Beyond that point, right up until birth, all that is required for an abortion is the consent of two abortion doctors.

It’s estimated that at least 3,000 pro-life advocates attended the rally. One of those was Caldron Pool contributor James Jeffery who shared the following footage which was taken at the event:

Editor's comment - It's hard to comprehend the extent of the evil that some people would inflict on unborn children. But for evil to triumph, it is only necessary that good people do nothing, so kudos to those protesters standing up for unborn children's rights.


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