Austria: Syrian fare dodger threatened train conductor with murder

Austrian Federal Railways council member Thomas Lintner says that 'the incident is not an isolated one' (No s**t Sherlock)

Monday 12 August, INNSBRUCK - Train attendants are often insulted, threatened or even beaten during their duties. This also applies to a conductor on the railway line between Innsbruck and Telfs.

She was attacked by a fare dodger and threatened with death. Now the perpetrator has been sentenced to an additional three months on top of another sentence for drug trafficking.

'Since the incident I can no longer move my arm properly, have nightmares and suffer from anxiety disorders', stated the Austrian Federal Railways employee on Wednesday at the regional court.

'I even complied  with him and would have issued him the ticket for 8 euro in the train. But suddenly he attacked me', the train attendant described.

He kept shouting 'Allahu akbar' and 'murder', and [...] showed the gesture of cutting off one's neck.

The woman suffered, among other things, a laceration of the elbow. 'He kept shouting 'Allahu akbar' and 'murder'. It is said that the 20-year-old Syrian also showed the gesture of cutting off one's neck.

The result, she said, was a 14-day sick leave. And right after the first night shift came the next shock - the accused was again sitting in a compartment on the same train.

'Fortunately, I had security guards with me this time,' said the conductor. 

After the Syrian was recently sentenced to 4 months probation and 1920 Euro fine for drug trafficking, Judge Andreas Mair imposed an additional sentence of three months.

Austrian Federal Railways works council member Thomas Lintner, who assisted the train attendant during the trial, knows that the incident is not an isolated one.

'Last week, a conductor was beaten between Landeck and St. Anton. The "passenger" also attacked the train crew with a 20-centimeter-long pair of scissors'. he said, although he gave no further details of the assailant's description.

Author's comment: Three months for a migrant convicted of assault on a public servant and issuing death threats. Four months probation and a small fine for drug trafficking. No wonder they are not 'isolated incidents' if there is no effective deterrent. It's time for the introduction of a Europe-wide 'Criminal while Muslim' law with a five times multiplier on the original sentence.


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