PETITION: Ban the Palestine protest in London planned for Armistice Day!

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Extremist supporters of Hamas and the Palestinians have announced a protest march in London at the same time as veterans will be honouring our war dead on Armistice Day, Saturday 11 November:

Supporters of Hamas and the Palestinians have attacked anyone holding English or British flags on previous protests.

It looks likely that our veterans will also face hostility from the Hamas hordes descending on London.

While we support the right to protest, we are calling upon the Home Secretary to ban any protests taking place in the Whitehall and Westminster areas on Armistice Day.

The very fact that the supporters of Hamas and the Palestinians have decided to go ahead with a huge protest in the heart of London, knowing that it will conflict with Armistice Day, shows their utter contempt for our most sacred traditions.

For them, supporting Hamas is more important than honouring the fallen in two World Wars.

Hamas supporters have also vandalised our statues on Whitehall on previous protests:

Britain First has launched an urgent petition to pressure the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, to prohibit any protests in the Whitehall and Westminster areas on Armistice Day.

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    Hamas is evil
  • signed 2023-11-26 11:31:56 +0000
    As immigrant myself I believe that I have to respect the country who received me
  • signed 2023-11-25 06:04:25 +0000
    This nonsense needs to stop with the terrorists
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    Because one deplores what Israel (under premiership of Netanyahu) is currently inflicting upon Palestinians, does not mean one is a Hamas supporter. Nor does it mean one does not wish these protesters would stop hogging our streets and disrupting our normal daily lives with their hostile behaviour. But have you not seen (on the news) Palestinian mothers weeping over the bloodied little bodies of their dead babies in body bags, other dead children at their mother’s feet? Despite the Hamas 7.10.23 attack, this can no longer be justified – if Netanyahu wanted ‘an eye for an eye’ then he has already collected more eyes than was owed. Ordinary, innocent Palestinians live their entire lives between a rock and a hard place. In the name of all that is humane a CEASEFIRE MUST HAPPEN for the sake of the hostages and innocent civilians on both sides!

    Israel reputedly has the most advanced security and intelligence systems in the World – so how come they did not see the 7.10.23 attack coming? Are we really expected to swallow this? If I were an Israeli I would be careful who got my vote next elections.
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    @vivien – completely agree with all of your comment 👏 This government are a bunch of sick in the head bastards, they have no intention what so ever of stopping the dangerous parasites invading our country, they have proved repeatedly that they have no intention yet that little Indian posh millionaire has the audacity to continue on with his “ stop the boats” rhetoric like we’re all a bunch of idiots believing him! It’s all just a distraction to make the silent public forget about the mass legal immigration that’s destroying our country at the same time. How these evil people are still in power is beyond me.
  • signed 2023-11-16 23:40:31 +0000
    @Vivien Leal, Jeremy Cunt also said with a wide grin on his face that there are “no guarantees” on flights taking off to Rwanda before the next election!!! This government is taking the PISS out of us Brits, I swear it’s a deliberate wind up, he knows full well coming out with a line like that it would anger those of us who want this invasion of our borders to stop. And now he has the audacity to crack down on benefit claimants, yet he’s robbed us tax payers and bled us dry. This government should be forced out of power ASAP. THEY ARE A DANGER TO OUR COUNTRY ON EVERY LEVEL.
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    Well she wasn’t wrong…

    Joanne Merry signed 2023-11-10

    Unacceptable. If anything happens they will blame our boys, seems that’s what they want.
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    I hope you guys take back your country. The Muslim religion is a violent religion.
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    Sunak has proved he is a DANGER AND THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY & NATIONAL SECURITY. Suella was the one Tory MP in that government who was determined to stop the boats and the flow of mass legal migration, yet the unelected Indian bank manager has gone and put Dodgy Dave the remainer in a top position, and James Cleverly to replace Suella who is completely against leaving the ECHR unlike Suella who wanted to leave. We are doomed and these islamists on our streets will continue to grow on mass under this unelected regime in charge. This government has to go ASAP.
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    Kick out all the Palestinians and all that support them. Let them walk there way home from the coast line no boats, Please.
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    Get these terrorist supporting animals off our streets and out of our country, absolutely DISGUSTING this march was allowed to go ahead 🤬 How many more weekends do we have to put up with this crap from Muslim foreigners in London??? And deport Sadiq Khant, another terrorist supporter!
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    We don’t want these people in our country
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    Well done to all British patriots who were there on Armistice Day amongst the Islam cesspit defending our country👏👏👏 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
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