Beauty pageant winner ousted after tweets on Muslims

Kathy Zhu also tweeted about black people 'blaming others' in regard to crime

The Miss World America organization has stripped its Michigan pageant winner of her title, which she says was because of tweets she made about Muslims and black people.

Kathy Zhu was crowned the pageant's Michigan winner last week. She's a University of Michigan conservative who's active with a group called Chinese Americans for Trump.

In since-deleted tweets from the last two years, Zhu alluded to Muslim women wearing hijabs as 'being oppressed under Islam' and disparaged black people for 'blaming others' in regard to crime.

After being stripped of her crown, she posted a letter online in which pageant officials described her tweets as 'offensive' and 'inappropriate.' Zhu calls the decision discriminatory and defends the tweets.

Pageant officials didn't respond to a Sunday message seeking comment. It is unclear who will now represent Michigan in Miss World America's October competition in Las Vegas.

Miss World America is separate from the more widely-known Miss America contest.

Author's comment: Yet another organisation kowtows to political correctness and the appeasement of Muslim and black activist groups. There is a good case to be made for the argument that women wearing hijabs are indeed oppressed under Islam, and there is an equally good argument that both blacks and Muslims are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system, not because they are discriminated against, but because they have a disproportionate propensity for breaking the law. To penalise a beauty pageant contestant for expressing a perfectly reasonable point of view is ridiculous.


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