Black Lives Matter: An exercise in violence, thuggery and racism

The death of George Floyd has triggered an explosion of violence, thuggery, and overt black racism expressed towards white people in our country by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) movement, aided and abetted by the fake news media, under the guise of protesting about 'police brutality' and 'white supremacy'.

For the record, it is by no means certain that 'police brutality' was the primary cause of death in the case of George Floyd.

The asphyxiation-producing drug fentanyl which was subsequently found in his system was also a factor, and which according to the latest medical evidence may even have been the overriding factor.

Equally, 'white supremacy' is an unjustified accusation in this specific case, given that two of the four arresting officers on the scene in Minneapolis were non-white.

None of this matters to the BLM movement or the fake news media of course, who are intent, with unforgiveable irresponsibility, on stoking the flames of racial conflict.

Police brutality is not an issue in the United Kingdom, as the historical and statistical data can attest to - and the manufactured narrative of 'blacks as victims' has been wholly devised and promulgated by these 'bad actors' in order to advance a globalist agenda of chaos and ‘White Guilt’.

Neither is 'white supremacy' an issue in the United Kingdom, where edicts against 'racism' and 'discrimination' have been enshrined in our laws for over a generation.

Britain First stands firmly against the violence, thuggery, racism and false narratives of the BLM movement and the fake news peddlers of the mainstream media.

The most principled reply to those who say 'Black Lives Matter!' is to say - as Britain First have done - that 'white lives matter too' - and indeed that all human lives matter, and to argue otherwise is to engage in exactly the sort of racism that BLM is supposedly against.


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