Boris Johnson wants amnesty for illegal immigrants

To be fair, Conservative leadership front-runner and probable next PM Boris Johnson has a few pretty decent plans for post-Brexit Britain, including:

• Longer sentences for serious violent and sexual offenders

• £1.1 billion a year to fund 20,000 extra police officers

• Removal of restrictions on police stop-and-search powers

• Creation of duty-free ports - where goods can be imported, stored and exported without tariff - to help rejuvenate struggling industrial regions such as Teesside

• Requirement that all immigrants learn English

Unfortunately, Johnson's immigration policies are dire:

• Points-based system to 'open Britain up' to 'skilled' (lol, remember that one?) foreign workers

• Amnesty for long-term illegal immigrants as long as they've 'played by the rules' (including immigration rules!?)

UK immigration is currently around 625,000 per year, but neither Johnson nor his leadership rival Jeremy Hunt will commit to a significant reduction.

As for amnesty, that will simply act as a powerful magnet to would-be illegal immigrants in the Third World, creating huge future problems.

Boris Johnson enjoys a rose-tinted view of immigration and 'diversity' because he's shielded by money from the unpleasant, ghettoised reality.

We believe the best education for wealthy immigrant-huggers like him would be a year living with their families in some crime-ridden shithole in a 'vibrant' inner-city.

One day we'll make this compulsory for every politician who has ever praised, promoted or facilitated mass immigration into Britain.


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