BREAKING: HQ busts open Hope Not Hate/Home Office conspiracy to bring down Paul Golding

The worst aspect of trying to lead a patriotic alternative movement in Britain, is that you are relentlessly persecuted by the establishment.

This persecution consists of all manner of unscrupulous dirty tricks and sabotage and it takes a sharp leader to stay one step ahead.

Thanks to a fortuitous series of events, HQ has busted wide open a conspiracy to bring down Britain First leader Paul Golding using fake allegations and dirty tricks that involves well known left-wing organisation 'Hope Not Hate' and the Home Office. 

They have managed to turn an ex-Britain First activist, Andy Edge (below right), into a grass and informer and he freely admits this on a recording:

Paul actually wrote a chapter in his book about dirty tricks from the police and 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command'.

We have also seen the dirty tricks of 'Hope Not Hate' and the media when they tried to stitch Tommy Robinson up with false allegations. 

Paul has experienced all manner of establishment sabotage and subversion over his two decades of patriotic activism.

In the following video, the latest establishment effort to destroy Paul and Britain First is explained and laid bare.

Please watch this shocking video and then share it to social media to alert the rest of the patriot movement:

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