BREAKING: Muslim grave destroyers threaten Britain First with legal action!

By Paul Golding - Recently, Britain First ran a campaign to rescue a historic English graveyard that has been demolished by new Muslim owners.

The historic gravestones have been bulldozed and thrown on the rubbish heap.

Some of them go back to the 1700s.

The church in question, St John's of Hanley (above), was built in the 1800s and was built using techniques developed during the 'Industrial Revolution'.

Now it has been purchased by Muslims and turned into a mosque and Islamic centre.

When our activist teams visited the church, they found piles of smashed and damaged gravestones piled up ready for the rubbish heap.

One of these gravestones was for a 4-year-old girl, with the words 'never forgotten' underneath.

When I looked at this one, it broke my heart.

As if to protest themselves, poppies are now sprouting up from the graves of our ancestors at this church.

The entire area where the cemetery used to be, where our ancestors are still buried, has now been turned into a car park for the mosque goers.

The whole situation is disgusting.

Britain First launched a petition which has now been signed over over 54,000 concerned patriots and gained over 6,500 social media shares.

We have some shocking news for you today.

The new Muslim owner of St John's of Hanley has threatened to sue Britain First for defamation and damages unless we cease our campaign and make a public apology!

I can assure you, that is not going to happen!

The new Muslim owner of St John's is claiming that we have damaged his reputation by pointing out their activities.

What a poor little kitten!

He's claiming we libelled him because, wait for it, it wasn't the 'Muslim owners' who bulldozed the graves, it was, direct quote, 'English contractors, not Muslims.'

Well, who were the 'English contractors' contracted by, Santa Claus?

The Muslim owner, who I will not name, has demanded an immediate retraction of all our claims, an apology, an a legally binding undertaking that we will not cover this issue ever again!

If we do not submit to his demands, he is threatening to launch legal action against me and Ashlea in the High Court.

Let me make myself as crystal clear as possible.

I will never apologise for campaigning on this issue, neither will Ashlea.

I will never apologise for highlighting this issue, neither will Ashlea.

I have visited St John's of Hanley twice now, and I have seen with my own eyes the broken and discarded gravestones.

It's disgusting and outrageous what has happened to the historic English graves at St John's of Hanley.

These graves contain our grandparents, and they have become a car park for a mosque!

Am I supposed to apologise for that?

I would rather fight this to the death in the High Court.

Muslims should never be allowed to purchase ground that contains historic English graves, and vice versa.

Britain First has received two full legal letters so far from the Muslim owner in question.

I have been forced to instruct a legal firm to fight this to the bitter end.

I am not going to apologise, I am not going to submit, and I am not going to back down, ever.

Whether it was 'English contractors' working for the new Muslim owner or Muslims themselves, a desecration of English graves has taken place.

I intend to fight this to the finish line.

Ashlea is named as a defendant with me, so it's her neck that is on the line too.

Our solicitors have asked for £4,000 'on account' so they can begin work on fighting this.

With your help, we can stand our ground and fend off this outrageous legal attack.

Can you chip in to our urgent legal fund so we can tell the Muslim grave destroyer of St John's of Hanley to get stuffed?

Please chip in with any amount you can afford:


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