BREAKING: Two Britain First activists ARRESTED while exposing migrant hotels

A minibus of Britain First activists spent the afternoon exposing migrant hotels today in Coventry.

Our activists first visited the Britannia Coventry Hill Hotel which, once again, was being used to house illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense (video report coming soon).

At the second hotel on our list to visit, multiple police vehicles - including a dog unit - swooped and detained our entire team of activists.

Our activists were kept waiting for a long time, while around a dozen police officers stood around like gormless jobsworths.

An IRA-supporting female officer from Northern Ireland was particularly - and unnecessarily - obnoxious to our activists.

After a long while waiting, the police surrounded two of our activists and arrested them!

Back at the Britannia Coventry Hill Hotel, an over-zealous member of staff had made an allegation of 'assault' - a complete bald faced lie.

The police then informed party leader Paul Golding that they would be seizing our minibus and our activists would have to get the train home!

This was decided purely to scupper our activities and leave fifteen activists stranded in Coventry.

Thankfully, when a duty Inspector arrived on the scene, Paul managed to persuade him to release the minibus so our activists could go home. 

Our two activists, Liam and James, are both still in police custody.

HQ has sourced them legal representation and a lift home is waiting for them when they are released.

It is becoming blatantly obvious that the establishment is determined to keep a lid on the horrendous migrant hotels scandal, and that includes twisting and distorting the law to arrest our activists.

We will not be deterred, not now not ever.

Britain is quickly becoming a fascist police state where only certain points of view are tolerated. 

A full video report will be released shortly, but for now please watch the clip below and share on social media:

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