'Brides of Jihad' Could Face Summary Execution

Abase Hussen, father of one of the 'jihadi brides', has demanded that the terrorist-comforters be allowed 'home'.

Britain 'has a duty' to welcome them back, claimed the Ethiopian immigrant, who 'constantly worries' about his children being radicalised.

Well, maybe not constantly - back in 2012 he happily took his daughter Amira, then 13, to a rally organised by terror group Al Muhajiroun and attended by one of soldier Lee Rigby's killers.

Abase Hussen (circled) at a flag-burning Islamist rally in London.

Hussen whined: 'The British government have not done anything to help me or the other parents. We have been badly treated'.

To which we respond: Listen, you entitled old extremist: if you miss your daughter so much, you can go and visit her in Syria.

In fact (because you probably don't have a job), Britain First will generously pay your one-way airfare.

We'll even start a crowdfunding campaign to help the families of other domestic terrorists and terrorist enablers to permanently rejoin their loved ones in the Middle East.

How about it, Mr Hussen?


Repatriating these dangerous young women would cost UK taxpayers millions.

They'd need to be kept under constant surveillance (also at public expense), in case they get the urge to strap suicide belts under their burkas and blow up shopping malls.

Predictably, left-liberals at The Guardian are bleating about their plight.

One argues that jihadi brides are 'the products of our society' and 'should be given a chance'; he fears that if they're handed over to Syrian or Iraqi authorities, 'summary execution might be the most likely outcome'.

(Problem solved, we say.)

Readers may be unsurprised to learn that the writer of the above, one Richard Barrett, is a former director of global counter-terrorism at MI6.

God help our country!

Richard Barrett.


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