VIDEO: Britain First day of recruiting in Crawley opposed by Labour Party and Antifa!

Today, activists from our South East region held a well received recruitment drive in the Sussex town of Crawley.

The police had tipped off the local Labour Party, approximately ten of whom turned out to oppose Britain First.

Party leader Paul Golding humiliated a local Labour councillor who called him a 'racist' by referencing the fact that the Labour Party is under official investigation for racism against Jewish people, only the second time this has happened in British political history!

The left-wing opposition posted to Twitter claiming that they had 'run Britain First out of town' despite the fact our activists campaigned in the shopping district for several hours.

When the police threatened to arrest our activists using coronavirus legislation, our activists left the town centre and headed off for a social in a local nearby public house.

Despite the Labour Party and Antifa opposition, the local English residents of Crawley showed their support many times over for Britain First, some even asking to pose with our activists for a photo behind our South East region banner.

Paul Golding posed for several selfies with local supporters.

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