Britain First wants you - to stand for election!

In May this year, Britain First candidates stood in the local elections, for the first time ever.

Patriots Geoff Miles and Paul Rudge achieved superb results whilst greatly raising Britain First's profile in their respective areas of Ware, Hertfordshire, and Rowley, West Midlands.

All of us learned invaluable lessons about how to run a campaign - from training candidates to designing publicity, coordinating canvassing teams, and dealing with local media and political opponents.

That experience will enable us to hit the ground running in 2020, giving us a much greater likelihood of success.

This time round, we want to select and train candidates well in advance, so that the crucial work of building voter support can begin early.

So we're inviting Britain First members from all regions to put their names forward as potential candidates.

If you think you might like to become a councillor in your area, representing the local community and helping decide council policies (and getting paid for it!), email me: [email protected]

We'll be holding a fact-finding workshop soon so you can learn more about what's involved before committing.

All patriots welcome, no experience necessary!

George Whale
Elections Officer, Britain First
[email protected]


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