Britain is a nation with religious blasphemy laws and culture

We live in a country where those who display cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed have their lives ruined.

British citizens should be protected by law to show any cartoons or criticise any religion.

Recently, we had the case of the teacher in Batley who displayed an image of the prophet Mohammed in class.

He showed a slide of the Charlie Hebdo front page that led to the Paris attacks.

He was hounded out of his position, received death threats and had to endure daily demonstrations by local Islamists at the school in question.

However, it seems this pathetic and infuriating situation has arose again, this time in Bristol.

A professor (below) has had his lectures removed because he showed the same Charlie Hebdo front page depicting the prophet Mohammed.

After he displayed the cartoon, there followed a "vicious and militant" campaign by leftist students to ruin his career.

After a five-month investigation, he has been cleared by the university of any wrong doing.

However, his lectures have not been reinstated!

The unwashed leftist students targeting him have accused him of "Islamophobia".

Islamist bigots at the university set up a petition which attracted a paltry 3,700 signatures.

The professor, mirroring what happened in Batley, had to flee his family residence because of death threats.

A man's life utterly ruined because he displayed a cartoon, that's the country we live in currently.

The professor in question, Steven Greer, said:

"Militant minorities are increasingly intent on dictating the content of university education through vilification, intimidation and threats. Their purpose is to silence lawful and legitimate opinion simply because they disagree with it."

At the present time, there simply is no freedom of speech left in Britain.

Instead, we have rampant leftist censorship and Islamist Sharia blasphemy laws.

If your life can be ruined and your personal safety put in danger due to a cartoon, then Britain has ceased to be a free, Western nation and is currently a Third World tyranny.

This is not the future we want for our children, and future generations.

This slide to tyranny and oppression must be combated and opposed, and that's what Britain First intends on doing!

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Future generations are depending on what you do during this day and age.

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