CENSORSHIP: YouTube BANS party leader Paul Golding

In the summer of 2019, Britain First leader Paul Golding set up a new channel on YouTube.

This followed the censorship of the official Britain First YouTube channel shortly before. 

Paul's channel lasted a year and racked up 3 million video views.

About two months ago, Paul noticed that the account was being 'shadow banned', a practice that severely limits the number of people who can view a video.

Today, YouTube finally banned the channel outright.

Paul's account now has a warning which states:

'This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech.'

Hate speech is simply free speech which those on the political Left do not like, so they censor it in true fascist style.

Thankfully, Britain First has found a new social media home which supports freedom of speech. 

This new home is on the VK social network, which has been called the 'Facebook of Russia'.

Please follow Britain First on VK by CLICKING HERE.


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