Champagne banned from FA Cup Final - because Islam

Of the 500 players in the English Premier League, fewer than 60 are Muslim. That's around 12 percent.

But the sensitivities of the minority must always override the wishes of the majority.

It's the golden rule of multiculturalism.

Daily Mail:

The Football Association are to scrap the tradition of awarding a case of champagne to the FA Cup winners out of respect for players' religious beliefs.

English football's governing body have a long held tradition of placing a case of bubbly in the winning dressing room on cup final day as a congratulatory gesture to the victors.

But following internal discussions the FA are abandoning the idea so not to offend players whose religious beliefs forbid alcohol use.

You're wondering, Mormons? Jehovah's Witnesses? Buddhists, perhaps?

All becomes clear:

Jubilant scenes of euphoric players spraying champagne around the winning dressing room following victory in the final have become the norm over the years.

But such scenes provide obvious difficulties for Muslim players, even if they do not consume the champagne.

Of course.

To be fair, it appears that non-Muslims are behind the decision:

The FA's decision is not believed to have been the result of complaints from teams or players in the past but prompted within the organisation.

Such apologetic, grovelling stupidity has to stop; because once it takes hold there's no end to it.

Are we to ban music and dancing too, because Islam frowns on them?

No, of course not.

It's not for us to change our traditions, values and way of life to accommodate incomers; it's for incomers to adapt to (or at least accept) the British way of life.

It's the least they can do in return for everything this country gives them.


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