Christian Charity leader agrees: Britain First NOT Racist

Many supporters of Britain First will, no doubt, contribute to their favourite charities and, probably, some of those charities will be Christian in nature.

Two of my own favoured charities work, each in their own different way, to support Christians abroad who face poverty and, often, persecution or, at least, discrimination.

Some time ago, one of those charities carried a piece on its website addressing the question of whether their supporters could, legitimately and productively, join and work for any of what were deemed to be 'far-right' groups.

The answer they came to was 'no'; that being in such a group would be unbiblical as such groups were perceived to be 'racist' in nature.

We will recognise that some groups on the right of the political spectrum do adopt an ideology that can be perceived as racist.

Britain First is emphatically not one of them and, it should be said, there are plenty of people on the left who spout hatred against Jews/Israelis, Christians, white people etc.

Charitable organisations have to be careful in their political dealings; they cannot be seen to act in a way that furthers the interest of any particular group or party. That means, on the other side of the coin, that there should be a balance in the way they view political groups, as to how those groups could contribute to the charity's objectives.

Following the Worcester Day of Action*, a video was posted on the website showing a lengthy exchange of views between Paul and one Marc Bayliss, Tory leader of the City Council. If you watched this, you will have noted that Bayliss made a right fool of himself in various ways, talking of the 'Islamic race' etc. But what caught my attention was his comment about there being 'lots of churches in Saudi Arabia'.

Many of you reading this will be aware (and not at all surprised) that there are no churches (other than pre-Islamic historical ruins) in Saudi Arabia. In fact, public expression of any religion other than Islam is forbidden.

Bayliss is not some eccentric local party member whose views can easily be disowned by the hierarchy but a senior Tory. I felt these comments of his required to be disseminated more widely and so I emailed the Christian charity referred to above and asked them to have a look at the video and the Britain First website, and I also raised the issue of perceived racism.

A few days later I was contacted by a senior figure within the charity who agreed with me that Britain First could not be considered a racist organisation.

I was not looking for support here (which is impossible, given the constraints on charities, particularly those of a Christian nature) but a more balanced outlook, free from the bias which is a predictable result of media misinformation on our organisation.

I am not putting this forward as some great victory but simply as an example of how each of us can do something in our own lives and within our own circle to counter the influence of the left-liberal media and their lies about Britain First.

The great Anglo-Irish philosopher-politician, Edmund Burke, once said:

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.

Robert from Britain First West Yorkshire branch


* Worcester News gave pretty good coverage of our day of action in the city:

City council leader confronts Britain First members in Worcester

EDITOR'S VIEW: Council leader was right to oppose Britain First in Worcester


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