CONFIRMED: Paul's trial on the 20th will 100% go ahead

This morning our legal team received an update from Westminster Magistrates Court. 

There had been some speculation that Paul's trial would be postponed at the last moment due to the coronavirus restrictions.

But this morning, our legal team received the following confirmation:

'This matter was referred to a Legal Advisor, the trial remains listed for 20 May 2020; if there are problems you can instruct counsel or an agent.'

So, despite vast numbers of court hearings and trials being postponed nationwide due to the virus, Paul's show trial for a phoney terrorism charge will 100% go ahead next Wednesday 20th May.

We are calling on all patriots to come along and support Paul on the day.

Here are the details:

Wednesday 20 May 9.30am
Westminster Magistrates Court

Paul looks forward to seeing you all there.


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