UPDATE: Judge to give his decision this morning 10am

Yesterday morning, the Britain First leadership team were in court (via video link) battling with the Electoral Commission.

The hearing started at 9.30am and our barrister presented our case, followed by the Electoral Commission legal team.

The hearing lasted approximately two hours.

After two hours of legal arguments, the judge announced that he would be announcing his decision this morning at 10am.

We have been advised that this judgement will only address the issue of whether or not the final, full hearing should be brought forward or whether the case should be ended and a new application by Britain First to register as a political party be made.

The judgement this morning will only end the case altogether if the judge decides that Britain First should, given the public airing of the objections of the Electoral Commission, submit a new and fresh application to be registered as a political party.

In that case, we will submit a fresh application to be registered as a political party immediately.

In a way, this entire legal drama has nailed down, to a just a few objections, the reasons why the Electoral Commission previously refused to register Britain First as a party.

If Britain First corrects these objections, the Electoral Commission loses all legal standing to refuse Britain First in the future.

So even if the judge refuses to take the case further this morning, we have still won, in a way, because we can proceed to submit a fresh application to the Electoral Commission and make sure it is legally airtight.

The Electoral Commission will then be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We have been advised that, even if the judgement doesn't go our way this morning, we are nevertheless in a considerably stronger legal position than we were previously.

We cannot speculate what decision the judge will make this morning, but win or lose we can proceed to the next stage in this titanic legal struggle regardless. 

Unfortunately, civil legal proceedings (Judicial Review) are hideously complicated.

But Britain First is playing a complex game of legal chess with the Electoral Commission and thanks to the new moves on the board that we have made in the last few weeks, we are now in a very, very strong position.

This is how our legal team have explained the situation to us and we have tried our best to explain it in this update.

Please say a prayer tonight for the success of our legal war against the Electoral Commission.

It would be nice for the judge to take the case further this morning, but even if he doesn't, we can still proceed to register as a political party almost immediately. 

Paul will provide a detailed explanation of the judgement immediately after it is given this morning. 

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