Danish super-patriot Rasmus Paludan demands wall to 'prevent entry of Muslim migrants'

We've written before about Rasmus Paludan, the Koran-throwing founder/ leader of Denmark's 'Hard Line' party Stram Kurs.

Paludan is currently on the campaign trail for the national elections on 5th June, and has been laying out his policies.

One is to withdraw Danish troops from futile overseas postings and use them instead to defend Denmark's border with Germany, across which most illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers find their way into the country.

Instead of making invasion wars, where you put Danish help out, to meddle in foreign affairs of other countries, where we cannot perceive the consequences, and where the consequences are mostly awful - Libya, Iraq and Syria, etc. - I think that we should use the defense forces in order to protect our own border, and not meddle in other countries' affairs. Because we do not want other countries meddling in our affairs.

Sounds like common sense.

The outspoken young lawyer claims Danes are 'being threatened by Muslim dominance-behavior', and that his government 'wastes billions' trying to integrate people who don't want to integrate.

He'd rather see the money spent on a border wall.

Paludan's poll ratings are looking good, and he could well win a seat in the Danish parliament next month.

Go Rasmus Paludan, super-patriot!


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