Doctors say it's 'racist' to charge foreigners for NHS treatment

In a reckless decision that could cost British taxpayers untold £millions, the British Medical Association (BMA) voted this week to stop charging overseas patients for NHS treatment.

Around 500 medics at the BMA conference in Belfast voted overwhelmingly for free treatment for foreigners.

Dr Omar Risk told the conference: 'Charging migrants for accessing NHS services is a fundamentally racist endeavour.'

The BMA, one of Britain's most powerful trade unions, will lobby government to end billing of overseas visitors.

So that Omars across Britain can start shuttling their extended families in for free treatment.

Lord Green of Migration Watch UK commented:

This is an absurd, irresponsible and damaging decision. The result is bound to be a huge inflow of health tourists - the year ending June 2018 saw nearly 15 million non-EU visitor arrivals to the UK, many of whom will have been from countries with much less advanced health systems. It would certainly add to pressures on the already overstretched NHS and diminish the service for those whose taxes fund it.

Health tourism already costs us up to £2 billion a year, and this could open the floodgates.

Does the BMA think British working people are made of money, able and willing to support a Health Service open to the Third World?

Such insane decisions are the product of a professional class steeped since school and university in globalist, open-borders, left-wing fundamentalism.

The entire education system needs purging.


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