DOVER: Britain First uses WW2 cliff top bunkers to spot migrant crossings!

Before Christmas, Britain First organised a campaign to spot and deter illegal migrant crossings in the English Channel, called 'Operation White Cliffs'.

Britain First organised multiple migrant patrols and was on the cusp of using drones to intercept illegal crossings.

Then the government banned the use of drones around Dover, but started using them themselves to stop the crossings.

This is classic Britain First, forcing the government to take action, and even forcing them to copy our tactics!

Today Britain First returned to the white cliffs of Dover to hold another migrant patrol.

This time however, rather than occupying the beaches, our team used the WW2 era observation bunkers on the top of the cliffs to spot the crossings.

From these disused bunkers, our team had superb vision across the entire English Channel. 

Britain First is currently looking at purchasing a small boat to patrol the Channel. 

More updates as this campaign develops. 


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