Dublin celebrates diversity!

For years, Irish people gazed enviously across the Irish Sea to England, blessed with the priceless gift of diversity.

Now the Emerald Isle is modernising: Project Ireland 2040, launched last year, includes plans to grow Ireland's 4.8 million population by up to a million via mass immigration.

The Irish are ecstatic!

New waves of immigration will at last enable them to enjoy the vibrant richness diversity always brings.

The capital Dublin and its suburbs have been first to benefit.

Straight outta Tyrrelstown

A resident of Tyrellstown, north Dublin, describes how the area has improved since large numbers of young Africans moved in:

I live in Tyrrelstown for the last 10 years and boy is this place in trouble. I've had a gang of 12 black kids attack my car while picking my son up from creche. They had been messing on a zebra crossing, when I told them to move, one of them charged at me and spat in the window of my car. My 3 year old son was with me. My 70 year old neighbour was walking her dog to the shop when 2 blacks on a bike rammed into her... This place will be a ghetto in the next 10 years.

Tallaght, south Dublin: skilled migrant workers meet in road

More skilled workers, Smithfield, city centre

Blanchardstown mega-mosque approved

Lucky west Dubliners are to get their very own mega-mosque in Blanchardstown. The building will include an eight-storey steel minaret, from which the Islamic call to prayer will echo over a wide radius.

Boy hospitalised in Ashbourne, Meath

A teenager was randomly targeted and beaten by a gang of up to forty African youths in Ashbourne, north of Dublin.

A witness said: 'They bounced his head off the ground, his leg his arms, his ribs, his back, he's not in a good way at all.'

Youths in race brawl, Balbriggan

A mass brawl broke out between Irish schoolboys and African schoolboys believed linked to an 'asylum' centre in Balbriggan.

African gentlemen in frank exchange with landlord

This video shows African tenants bringing wooden planks to a discussion with their Dublin landlord.

Portmarnock: Immigrant threatens to 'chop up' pregnant woman's baby

A 100-strong gang of African youths went on a halloween mugging rampage in the north Dublin seaside towns of Portmarnock and Malahide, terrorising and attacking local youngsters.

One threw a bottle at a pregnant woman's head and said 'I'll cut the baby out of you and chop it up' after she tried to stop him mugging a young boy.

A garda spokesman commented:

These young men are ruthless and reasonably well organised. They seem to model themselves on street gangs like you'd see in Los Angeles.

Diversity - it's Ireland's greatest strength!


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