Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson forced to delete tweet praising namesake Boris

The actor, producer and professional wrestler performed a humiliating climbdown after Twitter attack by Lefties

Tuesday 30 July - The actor, producer and professional wrestler Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been caught performing a humiliating and craven reverse ferret when he deleted a tweet praising his ‘namesake’ – Britain’s new prime minister Boris Johnson. His original tweets read as follows:

'Breaking: PM Boris Johnson is in fact my cousin [though we clearly look more like twins]'.

'Jokes aside, PM did say something in his speech I liked – "the people are our bosses" - 100% agree.'

'The people/audience/consumer will always matter most. #ourboss.'

But a quarter of an hour’s worth of attacks from the usual leftist suspects, the Rock quickly turned to jelly and deleted his tweet.

He replaced it with this abject climb-down:

'Well according to the people, maybe we’re not related after all,'

'Big mahalo to my people who I can always rely on to give me the real talk....'

'....and swift perspective & education on the individual I did not know....'

As several people have since pointed out, maybe he should change his name to 'the Sponge', 'the Jellyfish' or even 'the Invertebrate.'


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