Erdogan supporter sets up new Islamic party in Sweden

Following his expulsion from the Centre Party (Centerpartiet) last year, accused of being a 'trumpet' of Turkish President Erdogan, the former vice chairman of the Gothenburg branch, Mikail Yüksel (pictured), has founded a new Islamic political party in Sweden.

Yüksel aims to win the support of Sweden's rapidly growing Muslim minority, already more than 8% of the population, according to a 2017 Pew Research report.

His as-yet-unnamed party is described as a 'game changer' for Swedish politics, because

... all those Muslims today voting for the Social Democrats and the Left party will now flock behind a party that will exclusively represent Islamic interests.

The new party is expected to contest the general election in 2022.

This development is a likely template for the next phase of Islamisation in Europe, whereby politicians leave the mainstream to set up new parties serving specifically Islamic imperatives, such as the incorporation of sharia into legal and financial systems, the bending of public institutions and practices to Islamic norms (e.g. halal) and the loosening of constraints on mosque building.

These parties will be irresistible to Muslim voters, who will defect to them en masse (especially if ordered to do so by imams).

Who can stop this?

Only patriotic governments dedicated to halting and reversing mass immigration, to blocking Islamisation and Sharia.

We should take heart that such governments exist in Hungary, Estonia, Poland and other East European countries, and will inevitably emerge in the West too.


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