Ezra Levant visits Tommy Robinson in HMP Belmarsh

Rebel Media journalist flies over from Canada to check on prison conditions

Wednesday 24 July - Ezra Levant met with Tommy Robinson in London’s Belmarsh prison today.

Ezra says: 'I flew all the way from Canada because I don’t trust anyone else to answer the question: is Tommy being mistreated in prison?'

'After all, he was both physically and psychologically abused by prison authorities last time.'

'But I’m pleased to say that his treatment is better this time.'

'It’s still an outrage that he’s in prison at all, let alone a high-security prison that houses some of the UK’s most notorious murderers and terrorists.'

'But at least they’re not starving him this time or exposing him to violent threats from Muslim prison gangs.'

Here, take a look at the video I recorded minutes after leaving the prison today:

'I had to record that video in the car heading back to the airport — my trip from Canada to London and back was less than 24 hours. My only purpose was to check up on Tommy.'

'Things are "good enough". But even in that visit, the prison guards tried to pull a fast one — at the last minute, they said I would have to visit with Tommy separated by a window, and we’d have to talk with each other on phones.'

'I told them that was unreasonable, that it was a change in policy, and it was an ambush — and a very bad sign, and that I would tell the whole world about it if the prison didn’t immediately back down.'

'That prison guard quickly consulted her boss and came back and announced that we could meet face-to-face after all.'

'But that little bump in the road scared me. Things are fine today, but what if they change tomorrow?'

'Last time Tommy was in prison, he was safe in the hospital wing of the Hull prison for the first week.'

'But then suddenly he was moved to HMP Onley, where he was deliberately put in such danger that the prison governor threw him in a terrible solitary confinement cell and claimed it was for his own safety.'

'That’s my chief worry now — that Tommy will suddenly be moved to a more dangerous place.'

'I spoke with Tommy about that, and later Tommy’s wife on the phone, and they agreed that I should continue to visit him, to ensure that his treatment remains reasonable, and to let the prison authorities know that if they try to change things for him, the world would know.'

'So that’s my report. I’ll be filing another video on my journey tomorrow. You can see all of my videos on the subject at PrisonReports.com.'


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