Germany: Boy dies after being pushed in front of train by migrant

The boy's mother was also pushed from the platform, but was able to able to roll to the side and save herself 

Wednesday 31 July - An 8-year-old boy was killed on Monday when a man shoved him in front of a moving train entering Frankfurt's main station, German police said. The boy's mother was also pushed from the platform, but was able to able to roll to the side and save herself. 

According to police, witnesses said the attacker also tried to push another man onto the tracks as the Intercity Express train was approaching, but the would-be victim managed to avoid falling onto the track. 

German law enforcement authorities said the 40-year-old man did not know the victims, and has so far refused to speak about his motive. Police said that an investigation is underway, and video footage of the incident will be examined. 

The suspect initially fled the scene and managed to exit the station, but by-standers held him up outside the building. 

Germany's Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, cut his vacation short due to the incident and was due to address the public on Tuesday. He is set to meet Germany's top security chiefs and discuss 'several serious crimes during recent time.'

On Monday, Seehofer pledged that the attacker would be 'called to account with all means of the rule of law.' However, the minister also warned against drawing premature conclusions about the Frankfurt attack, after his ministry shared that the attacker was an Eritrean citizen.

The latest tragedy comes only nine days after a 28-year-old migrant pushed a 34-year-old mother into the path of an oncoming train in the northwest town of Voerde, killing her. He didn't know his victim either.

Author's comment: This 'train jihad' is all part and parcel of Angela Merkel's decision to open up Germany's border to millions of third world migrants in 2015. German citizens are dying because of her policies, and only now are the media in Germany asking the questions that should be asked of the government.


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