Germany: Migrant who murdered 8-year-old boy was 'example of successful integration'

Eritrean migrant held on murder charge over railway death of child has ‘Psychiatric Problems’

Friday 02 August - The alleged perpetrator of the high-speed train murder in Frankfurt was mentioned in publications as an "example of successful integration".

The boy’s mother and then the 8-year-old were pushed onto the tracks as a high-speed ICE train was pulling into the Frankfurt station, one of Germany’s busiest, on Monday morning. The 40-year-old mother managed to get out of the train’s path but the boy was run over and killed.

In 2006, the 40-year-old travelled from Eritrea to Switzerland illegally. Two years later he was granted asylum. He was considered "well integrated", but the man was known to the police.

He arrived in Switzerland in 2006 and applied for asylum, which he obtained in 2008, said Dieter Romann, the head of Germany’s federal police. He had a long-term residence permit in Switzerland and worked there, and was considered well-integrated.

However, on July 25, he is alleged to have threatened a woman who lived next door with a knife and locked her in her apartment before fleeing, Romann said. Swiss authorities were seeking him, but he was not in German or other European databases, he added.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said 'the transport ministry and the German railway will discuss what can be done to improve security at German train stations'

Zurich regional police chief Werner Schmid said officers called to the scene last week also found the man’s wife and three small children locked inside their apartment. He told reporters in Zurich 'the outbreak of violence was a surprise to his wife and to his neighbor.'

Politicians from the far-right Alternative for Germany party seized on the case to assail the German government’s immigration policies. Alternative for Germany has long attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming approach to an influx of refugees and other migrants in 2015.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said 'we neither exploit nor play down crime by foreigners.'

Seehofer, speaking after he interrupted his vacation to meet with German security chiefs, said his ministry, the transport ministry and the German railway will discuss what can be done to improve security at German train stations.

Author's comment: Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is 'fiddling while Rome burns.'

Security at train stations is not the problem.

The presence of hundreds of thousands of non-integrated, non-assimilated third world savages masquerading as refugees - that is the problem.


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