Guardian newspaper has a hissy fit over Titania McGrath

The heroine of 'Woke: A Guide to Social Justice' was revealed as a white male

'Titania McGrath' and her creator, Andrew Doyle

Friday 26 July - Alex Clark of the Guardian thoroughly disapproves of the lampooning of the latest weapon in the armoury of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) - the concept of 'wokeness'.

'Various right-leaning commentators have been thoroughly delighted by the arrival of the book 'Woke: A Guide to Social Justice' - a speedy cash-in by comedian and writer Andrew Doyle, who created the character of Titania McGrath to poke fun at what he calls the “hyper-inclusive” identity politics that especially flourishes on Twitter.'

'Unsurprisingly, what that version of identity politics mainly comes down to is discussions of race and gender and, despite all the gags and folderol, it’s little more sophisticated than the familiar howl of those who never shut up: “Aren’t I allowed to say anything any more?”'

'Like all such inventions, "Titania" operates according to the law of diminishing returns: you laugh at first, but quickly realise she’s no Dorothy Parker. You begin to suspect that the comedy is secondary to the grinding axe, which matters not a whit if you’ve already been persuaded to part with your £12.99 by such high-profile fans as Sarah Vine.'

Author's comment: Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. Political correctness has reached the heights of absurdity with the concept of 'wokeness', which has been embraced by SJWs and other Left-wing swivel-eyed oddballs as the latest example of how to display your virtue-signalling credentials to the rest of the world. The sooner we consign it to the dustbin of history, the better, and there's no harm in a little mockery and lampooning to help it on its way.

For an example of 'Woke Quotes', try these:

'Over the past few years I have become a formidable presence on the live slam-poetry scene. For those of you who are unfamiliar with slam, it’s like regular poetry but with extra pauses. And there’s usually a lactose-free buffet at the end.' 


'Before I was even out of the crib I was self-harming with my nappy pin. By the age of four, I was suffering from both anorexia and chronic overeating. When these two conditions occur simultaneously it can be difficult to spot, because the victim ends up eating a regular amount of food on a consistent basis.'


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