Hatred of politicians is greater than at any time in living memory

'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.' - John F. Kennedy

Let's be clear from the outset: Britain First unreservedly condemns violence, threats and abuse directed at public officials and their families, be they bus drivers, civil servants or MPs.

But the recent upsurge of threats and verbal attacks against politicians is a phenomenon that cannot go unremarked:

MPs have told the BBC about the threats and abuse they face, including being sent pictures of decapitated bodies, being surreptitiously filmed and having dog mess smeared on their door.


The Commons Deputy Speaker said some MPs had told him they would not run for office again because of safety fears.

The BBC carried out a survey of MPs in writing and by phone between May and July this year. Out of a total of 650, 172 responded.

Of those, 139 said either they or their staff had faced abuse in the past year.

More than 60% (108) of those who replied said they had been in contact with the police about threats in the last 12 months.

The unavoidable question is, Why now?

For much of the usual public frustration with elected representatives seems suddenly to have turned to hatred.

Have British electors become psychotic?

Or are there other, more plausible explanations?


• Generations of elected politicians have flooded Britain with immigrants, against the explicit (and oft-stated) will of the British people.

• Their failures threaten to reduce the native British to an ethnic minority in our own land, with all the terrible consequences that entails, including physical dispossession, political disempowerment and anti-white discrimination and violence.

• Many long-standing British communities have already been wiped off the map (remember Cockneys?) and replaced by third-worlders, giving them control of vast urban areas. London is now 60 percent ethnic, yet our leaders insist that The Great Replacement is a 'conspiracy theory'!

• Due to the importation of thousands of Islamist terrorists, mass murder of innocents is now a regular occurrence.

• The ruling class criminalises patriotic citizens who vigourously oppose Islamisation of our Christian country.

• They propagate stupendous lies worthy of Nazi propaganda chief Josef Goebbels: 'Diversity is our strength', 'Islam is a religion of peace', and so on.

• In schools, they corrupt our children with homosexual and 'transsexual' propaganda, violating the deepest-held beliefs of parents of many faiths (including Christians and Muslims).

• For three years MPs have lied and schemed to undermine and negate Brexit, disregarding the massive democratic mandate.

• The present public fury mystifies them, so hopelessly out of touch are they.

Hatred, aggression and violence are not the way to solve Britain's problems.

But how, exactly, should a democratic people respond to those who deliberately subvert their democracy?


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