Help Us to Expose Religious Indoctrination in UK Schools!

Britain First has never opposed religious education (RE), however, we believe certain safeguards are needed to prevent education becoming indoctrination, especially where young children are concerned.

  • RE lessons should be truthful, balanced, objective and critical, and not gloss over difficult aspects such as the biblical account of creation, or Koranic justifications for Islamism.
  • Children must be allowed to question, compare and critique all religions, without restriction.
  • The school curriculum should prioritise Christianity, because of its central importance to British history and culture.
  • Children must never be asked to perform or emulate rituals of other religions, for example praying or adopting prayer postures, reciting statements of faith (such as the Islamic Shahada) or wearing religious garb.
  • Parents should be informed in advance of the content of RE lessons and visits, and be free to withdraw a child at any time without repercussions (such as 'black marks' on the child's school record).

Recently we published on this website a report ("Christian children bowing to Allah") about Islamic indoctrination in Dorset primary schools.

We've since discovered other disturbing examples from the Manchester region, suggesting that the problem runs nationwide.

We've yet to see comparable instances of Christian, Sikh, Jewish or Hindu proselytising in schools - but we'll keep an open mind on this.

The photos below are from the Manchester schools:

What you can do

You can help Britain First piece together a national picture of religious indoctrination in schools by:

(i) telling us your own experiences (in confidence); or

(ii) searching websites of local schools and/or newspapers.

Please email your stories, weblinks, photos to: [email protected] (subject line: "Schools").


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