HILARIOUS: Photoshopped photo of Britain First goes viral on Twitter!

A photo of a Britain First flag that was taken yesterday in London was photoshopped and uploaded to Twitter. 

Shortly after, the morons of the liberal-left actually thought it was real and started commenting on it in their thousands!

The photo went viral on Twitter and started to trend, even though you can clearly see a photoshopped dildo in the hands of one of our activists and the word 'Britain' has been re-arranged to spell 'Britian'.

The stupid leftists are still sharing the photo, thinking that it is genuine. 

Here is the photoshopped photo:

Here is the original photo:

As you can clearly see, the photo has been tampered with and the leftists behind it cropped the black man (far-left) out of the photo altogether as it doesn't fit their narrative.

Here are some of the tweets from the stupid leftists:


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