HOPE NOT HATE EXPOSED: Threats to kill Paul Golding after cash payment

Recently, Britain First HQ exposed a conspiracy to bring down party leader Paul Golding using fake allegations and lies in court.

The turn-coat in question, Andrew Edge, has been working behind the scenes with a well-known communist hate group called 'Hope Not Hate'.

Using further evidence, Andrew has admitted to working with Hope Not Hate and admits to taking cash from them.

He then proceeds to threaten the life of Paul, his family and also his baby nephew.

Have Hope Not Hate paid Mr Edge to make these threats?

Around twenty five minutes of recordings of threats to kill and assassinate, have been lodged with Greater Manchester Police and the London Met Police, along with screenshots and messages.

Please watch the second, even more shocking video below, and then share the video on social media to alert everyone to what organisations like Hope Not Hate are up to behind the scenes:

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