How to stop immigrant child deaths (and propaganda)

The cynicism with which the West's internal enemies exploit dead migrant baby photographs to push their globalist, open borders agenda is at times breathtaking.

This is the latest to appear in the western media, showing the corpses of El Salvadorean Oscar Ramirez and his little daughter Valeria washed up on the bank of the Rio Grande after his bungled attempt to cross the river, which separates Mexico from the US.

You'd need a heart of stone not to look at this picture and say, 'You stupid, stupid bastard.'

Such photos are propagated to make us feel guilty about not giving millions of third-worlders a free pass into our countries. That it's somehow our fault whenever some reckless third-world idiot risks his children's lives to get his hands on Western goodies.

Last year there were 283 deaths along the 2,000-mile US-Mexico border.

So far this year, 597 would-be illegal immigrants have died in the Mediterranean.

A few sensible measures could end this.

The present cycle of death

1. Housing and generous welfare for immigrants...

2. encourages growing numbers to make their way to Western countries illegally...

3. needlessly risking their own lives and the lives of others...

4. resulting in dead migrant child photographs...

5. used by cynical globalists for open borders, 'refugees welcome' propaganda.

6. Repeat from 1.

Ending the cycle of death

1. Deny free housing and financial support to immigrants.

2. Turn back illegals immediately or place them in holding centres until they're deported.

3. With incentives gone and deportation certain, the flow of illegal immigrants soon stops.

4. Countless lives are saved.

5. No more dead migrant child photographs (or liberal crocodile tears).

6. End.


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