Illegal immigrant summer boat invasion begins

The BBC reports a 'record number' of migrant boats washed up on south coast beaches over the weekend, perhaps the first wave of a new seaborne invasion by illegals from the Third World.

Seventy-four intruders were stopped yesterday, though the risibly-named 'UK Border Force' didn't say how many got through, or indeed how many get into the country illegally each day via thousands of miles of mostly unguarded British coastline.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: '[This] is deeply concerning and I'm receiving regular updates.'

But what is he actually doing?

Six months ago Javid declared a similar mini-invasionĀ a 'major incident', but appears to have done little since to secure our shores against migrant armadas.

Sajid Javid - never mind the 'power pose', how about some action?

His woeful political leadership has left those charged with the task hopelessly under-resourced.

It's estimated thatĀ around a million people live in Britain illegally, though the true figure could be much higher.

There's only one way to stop the invasion, which is to repel all migrant vessels and deport illegals already here.

Britain doesn't want or need boatloads, planeloads, trainloads or lorryloads of undocumented (mainly young male) third-world chancers, some of whom could be terrorists or dangerous criminals, all of whom negatively impact our economy, public services and environment.

They must go back to the women and children they left behind.

Enforcing this will require a huge boost to immigration/ border controls (it will pay for itself in the long run) and, crucially, a political will that's presently lacking.

Britain First is committed to halting, then reversing illegal immigration.

Do the mainstream parties have the backbone even to reduce it significantly?

You know the answer.


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