Iraq: Muslim militias eradicate Christianity

The toppling of dictator Saddam Hussain in 2003 triggered sectarian violence that continues to this day, and has driven Christians in Iraq to the edge of extinction.

After the defeat of ISIS, Iran-backed militias took up the mantle of anti-Christian brutality, killing many and causing untold numbers to flee.

Iraqi Christians are convinced they're witnessing an Iranian-sponsored push for what they call "demographic change," meaning Shiite colonization of historically Christian towns.

With the country's Christian population set to drop to around 30,000 from a pre-US invasion high of 1.5 million, the 'demographic change' (read ethnic cleansing) is almost complete.

On a recent visit to London Bashar Warda, Catholic Archbishop of Erbil, declared that Iraq's Christian communities face 'extinction'.

He attacked UK Church leaders for their silence on the issue due, he said, to 'political correctness' and fear of being labelled Islamophobic.

The very same Church leaders who repeatedly assure us that Islam can be painlessly absorbed into Britain and the West.

These complacent fools need to be reminded that many Muslims here share the belief systems of those presently carrying out bloody purges of Christians in the Middle East.

Nobody, least of all Western Church leaders, can guarantee that Islamist fanatics would never attempt similar purges of non-Muslims here in Britain - once they have sufficient numbers and resources.


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