ISIS planning Paris-style massacres across Europe!

ISIS are plotting to recreate the Paris terror attacks as they plan a fresh wave of carnage across Europe and the Middle East.

Chilling documents detail plans for terror attacks in Europe, funded and controlled by ISIS leaders.

Details of the plans to ‘spread horror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah’ were discovered on a hard drive dropped by a militant in the Syrian desert earlier this year.

The documents reveal how ISIS continues to run international networks, move fighters over borders, pay for operations and plan bank robberies, vehicle attacks, assassinations and computer hacking.

The documents show how operations abroad will be directed by ISIS member Abu Khabab al-Muhajir.

They say he controls an ISIS cell in Russia and two in Germany.

Another group will be based in north-eastern Syria under separate command.

The aim would be to first steal money by ‘hacking banks’ or ‘bank robberies’ and then carry out attacks including vehicle-ramming operations.

The letter, signed by six ISIS commanders and addressed to the jihadists' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, refers to the Paris attacks of 2015 and the ‘Manhattan attack’ in October 2017 as inspiration.

Transnational networks from Germany to Russia and Syria would help with the flow of fighters and money across borders, the letters show.


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