ISIS - the next generation?

A new propaganda ploy in the Left's campaign to bring ISIS wife Shamima Begum back to Britain is to publish cute pictures and stories of her newborn baby.

The infant, named Jarrah after Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah, a 7th-century Arab general known for killing infidels, is the son of wanted Dutch terrorist and Islam convert Yago Riedijk, alias Abu Zoraya.

Jarrah is Arabic for 'one who wounds'.

Though his mother's UK citizenship was revoked earlier this week, apparently the sprog is a British citizen and therefore eligible to live in Britain.

In other words, little Jarrah will be his mother's foot in the door, an anchor baby to support her appeal against the decision.

Shamima Begum's parents - who did such a stand-up job in raising their ISIS daughter - have asked for custody of the baby.

The jihadi bride herself is adamant she won't be separated long-term from him, and already leftist lawyers, journalists and politicians are scheming to reunite mother and son in Britain.

It may happen, but at least we can take comfort from the fact that Islamists like Ms Begum are always careful to shield their children from the cult of death:

We do not want terrorists, terrorist supporters or potential future terrorists in Britain.

ISIS brides and their ISIS babies must stay in the Middle East!


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