Who's your no. 1 'Islam Bitch'?

Bosch Fawstin is a US-based cartoonist and former ('recovered') Muslim who achieved international notoriety for winning first prize in the Garland, Texas 2015 Draw Mohammed competition, with this entry:

The event didn't pass peacefully: two ISIS attackers were shot dead by police outside the exhibition centre, of which Bosch later joked:

My favourite drawings at the Mohammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.

The artist has recently finished a new, illustrated book targeting treacherous Western Islamophiles.

It's called Islam Bitches and is due out on 20 August (pre-order here).

Bosch explains the work thus:

Part of why the Islamic enemy remains undefeated is because of the Islamophiles in the West who operate as unpaid propagandists for Islam. In the past, an enemy would have had to pay Westerners to propagate their evil ideology. Now, it's done for free, and without even being asked to do so. ... these traitors need to be exposed in a way they haven't been before, and that's where my book comes in. It's a book about Islamophiles, but that word is too respectful for these creatures, so I call them Islam Bitches ... I've drawn caricatures of them, dressed in Islamic garb, acting submissively, along with their actual dishonest quotes of Islam that I've collected over the years. These Islam Bitches are politicians, celebrities, commentators, etc.

Who's your number one Islam bitch?


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