Islamist atrocity of the week: 150 innocents slaughtered in Mali

Islamist atrocity of the week: 150 innocents slaughtered in Mali.

The Telegraph, 10 June 2019:

A tribal militia killed as many as 150 men, women and children in a village in central Mali on Monday, heightening fears that an Islamist insurgency in the area is mutating into an ethnic war.

Firing indiscriminately, gunmen from the semi-nomadic Fulani ethnic group raided Sobane-Kou, a village inhabited by the Dogon, a rival tribe aligned to Mali’s government.

Many residents were burnt alive as they cowered in their houses, according to Ali Dolo, the mayor of a nearby town, who said that 95 charred corpses had been found in the ruins of the village.


Mali has been at the centre of an Islamist insurgency that is spreading rapidly through the West African fringes of the Sahara, a region known as the Sahel.

Some 10,000 civilians were killed in the Sahel last year, more than in Iraq and Syria combined, as the region establishes itself as arguably the new frontline in the war on Islamist terror.


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