It's official! Britain First to contest mayoral and assembly elections in London!

The nominations closed at London City Hall yesterday at 4pm sharp.

It is now official, Britain First will be standing in the London mayoral and assembly elections.

Our paperwork and funds were actually submitted on Tuesday, but late that evening we received an email that threw everything into chaos.

Five of our signatures were rejected due to the poor quality of the writing.

This is pretty normal, but it meant that today we had to re-visit five London boroughs with hardly any time to spare.

Thankfully, we managed to obtain the five signatures and re-submitted all the paperwork again with only 10 minutes to spare!

If we had been 10 minutes later, the whole campaign would have gone up in smoke!

Also officially approved is our design for the two-page spread that will be sent out to every voter in London in a special booklet.

The hard part has now been completed!

Now it is time to launch our campaign on the streets of London.

Campaigning will begin early next week after our team have a few days rest.

The full list of candidates for Mayor of London will be released over the next few days.

Paul filmed a quick video update explaining the situation outside City Hall with our mayoral candidate, Nick Scanlon.

If you haven't watched it yet, please click here:

We still have a lot of election related expenses to pay for, such as leaflets, placards, banners and so on, so any further help would be greatly appreciated.

Chip in to our London campaign CLICK HERE.

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