LEGAL ACTION: Britain First hits back at lying Mayor of Bristol

Britain First has today dispatched an urgent legal letter to the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees (below).

Mr Rees has made libellous and unsubstantiated claims in multiple newspapers that he has received 'racial abuse' from Britain First and our supporters. 

This is simply not true. 

No specifics, evidence or quotes were given by Mr Rees to substantiate the 'racial abuse' he claims to have received from Britain First, just an unproven blanket statement. 

Mr Rees also claimed that he has received racial abuse from Black Lives Matter (BLM), some of which referred to him as an 'Uncle Tom'.

It seems that Mr Rees would not dare criticise the abuse he has received from BLM without 'balancing it out' by making up fake stories about Britain First abuse. 

Here is the text of the letter which has been dispatched to Mr Rees:

Dear Mr Marvin Rees Mayor of Bristol,

We represent our clients Paul Golding and Britain First.

It has come to our attention that, through the media, you have made libellous and unsubstantiated claims about our clients.

You claim that you have received racial abuse from Britain First via email.

Here is a quote from the Daily Mail:

'Now, the Bristol Mayor says he has received thousands of abusive and racist emails from Britain First supporters…'

We request your urgent view whether the media has misrepresented your statements, or whether they have correctly quoted you.

Upon receipt of this information, we will be looking to lodge defamation proceedings in the High Court unless a public retraction is made.

Please respond to this request within 7 days.

Yours sincerely,

Britain First will simply not lay back and 'take it on the chin' when politicians and journalists tell lies about our movement. 

We will take immediate and robust legal action to secure a retraction.

We will update our supporters when we receive a reply. 


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