LIVE: Paul reflects on Saturday's protest in London

On Saturday, veterans, football firms and patriots united in Parliament Square to defend Churchill's statue and the Cenotaph.

As was to be expected, the Met Police were biased, aggressive and intolerant of those assembled, in stark contrast to their softly-softly approach to Antifa and Black Lives Matter vandals the weekend before.

The media did their very best to spin, deceive and distort everything that happened on the day.

They blamed patriots and veterans for the violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

They focused intensively on a single man who urinated in Parliament Square, even though many Antifa and Black Lives Matter idiots had urinated - including on Churchill's statue - the weekend before and got no such scrutiny.

Party leader Paul Golding was an eye witness to all the events on Saturday in London and held a livestream last night where he dissected the police aggression, the media spin and the left-wing violence. 

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