London: Khan backs Fabian socialist scheme for British slavery museum

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the presence of the museum would help 'fight racism'

Saturday 17 August - London mayor Sadiq Khan has come out in support of a British slavery museum in the capital, an idea promoted by the socialist-progressive Fabian Society.

Mayor Khan said the presence of the museum would help 'fight racism', telling The Guardian: 'It’s right and fair that all Londoners see themselves and their history reflected in our city’s museums and cultural institutions.'

'Learning more about the uncomfortable nature of our city and our nation’s role in the transatlantic slave trade can serve to deepen our understanding of the past and strengthen our commitment to fight racism and hatred in all its forms,' the Labour politician said. He added:

'Acknowledging Britain’s role in the slave trade is key to challenging racist ideology and deepening our understanding of the past.'

The United Kingdom is already home to the International Slavery Museum — in Liverpool — and while Mr Khan said he backed a museum 'acknowledging Britain’s role in the slave trade' he did not state whether the museum would also pay tribute to the country’s work to end the Atlantic Slave Trade, notably through the work of abolitionist parliamentarian William Wilberforce and the Royal Navy’s West Africa Squadron.

The British also helped put an end to the enslavement of European Christians by the predatory Barbary States of North Africa through a number of dangerous naval missions, and to the enormous but little-acknowledged Arab slave trade in East Africa.

The London museum is the idea of the Fabian Society, the United Kingdom’s oldest left-wing think tank which avowedly 'consists of socialists' and campaigns for a 'classless society' and what it considers a 'just' redistribution of wealth.

The Fabian Society seeks to realise its socialist agenda by stealth rather than revolution, as epitomised by the choice of name, 'Fabian', which the think tank’s website explains is derived from the name of the Roman general Quintus Fabius, who delayed his attacks on the Carthaginians under Hannibal and chipped away at their forces until they were weak enough for a decisive strike:

Founded in 1884, it was engaged in the formation of Labour and 'came to be a major force in the modernisation of the Labour party', turning it into the progressive-globalist party that governed the United Kingdom under Tony Blair for a decade, with over 200 Fabians sitting in the House of Commons after his 1997 victory, many of them in the Cabinet.

Editor's comment - This is just another excuse by Sadiq Khan to weaken our institutions and make native Britons feel guilty and ashamed about our history and our heritage. The fact is that we have nothing to be ashamed about, and considering that slavery is still prevalent in Muslim countries today, Sadiq 'Saracen' Khan should wind his neck in.


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