Masked Muslim extremists throw bottles and bricks at Tommy Robinson campaign event, Oldham

Activists of Britain First North region have lent support to Tommy Robinson's European election campaign, which has travelled to towns and cities across the northwest.

Yesterday they witnessed ugly scenes in Oldham, Greater Manchester as Muslim protesters turned up in force to disrupt Tommy's democratic activities.

Student journalist Jessica Swietonioswki issued the following report.


Yesterday I was in Oldham reporting on Tommy's campaign event, when a mob of more than 100 Muslim extremists, some of them chanting 'Allah Akbar' and some of them wearing masks on their faces, attacked us, throwing bricks and stones and bottles.

It was a full-scale riot. See for yourself:

What's so shocking is that police actually escorted this mob of rioters directly towards Tommy's campaign event. They literally guided the rioters to us - a family-friendly event that included men, women and even young children.

What is completely un-shocking is that the mainstream media reported on the riot using neutral, passive phrases like 'violence erupted' or 'fights broke out'. And some reports even implied that the violence came from Tommy and his voters.

... you just can't trust the mainstream media.


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