Mass migration: Time to put British citizens first!

Mass migration is plaguing the UK and is causing havoc to our tiny island nation.

When a person brings up the migration topic - or dares to question whether its working for UK - we are often called racist, unfeeling, bigoted little Englanders and so on.

Those labels are invented by the political Left to shut down any legitimate debate on the subject.

The PC mafia and bourgeois Left are terrified at the prospect of someone offering a pragmatic opinion or approach to the subject. 

How can they argue with sensibility without looking silly?

They cannot, hence the onslaught of unwarranted verbal abuse.

Mass migration influences all sectors of life, be it the school system, social housing, benefit system and the healthcare sector. 

Walk around any major city in the UK and you will see homeless person after homeless person sleeping in doorways or asking for spare change so they can pay for their nightly shelter or simply get a hot drink to warm themselves up.

It would be very naïve not to see the impact mass migration is having on our people.

Just in 2018 alone, we had an influx of 525,000 non-British migrants entering the UK.

324,000 of those were non-EU citizens.

That’s 525,000 people needing homes, using our NHS, maybe a quarter of those are needing school places etc.

Each year is different so how can we ever be expected to allocate appropriate funding to services if we don’t know the amount of people that will be entering our tiny island home.

Where do these extra resources needed to fund this mass influx come from?

They come directing from you, from your taxes.

London and the North West of England - who both have borne the brunt of this mass influx - have dire homeless problems.

Both have the highest number of homeless deaths and it’s no coincidence that where there is mass migration, there is British people living and dying on our streets simply because they are not a priority on the housing list.

In the past five years, 2,627-plus homeless people have perished on our streets.

We know that figure is likely inaccurate due to the coroner not keeping records of homeless deaths.

The figure is likely to be far greater than accessible to the public.

It’s absolutely criminal that in 2019, in the 5th richest country in the world, we are allowing our people to live and die in poverty on the streets of our once great nation. 

The traitors in government allowing this takeover should hang their heads in shame.

It’s time to halt migration and put British people first.


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