More trans-insanity - males to share girl gymnasts' toilets and changing rooms

British Gymnastics, which has more than 350,000 members of all ages (including preschool) in thousands of clubs across the country, has issued a ruling that male gymnasts who 'identify as female' must be allowed to share toilets and changing facilities with girl gymnasts.

The new edict offers no specific guidance on showering arrangements, so we assume that males will also have access to girls' showers.

Coaches are forbidden to inform parents if their daughters are sharing facilities with young men who've declared themselves 'female'.

Any young gymnasts unhappy with this will be told to make 'alternative arrangements' - because 'transgender' rights are (evidently) more important than girls' safety.

Parents are understandably horrified, and some have decided to withdraw their daughters from gymnastic competition altogether.

Said one angry mother:

The fact that boys are now allowed to change with the girls is a safeguarding nightmare. I'm not happy about this at all and nor is my daughter.

When I spoke to the other parents at the club, they couldn't believe a sporting body would put children at risk in that way.

... I'm utterly horrified my child could be changing and sleeping in the same room as boys... Even worse, I wouldn't be told to protect the privacy of the trans child.

British Gymnastics gave this astonishing response:

We believe our guidance on the inclusion of trans people is consistent with our safeguarding policies and have no reason to believe that it compromises anyone’s safety or welfare.

Additionally, boy-girl gymnasts will be allowed to participate in female-only events, further mocking and undermining women's sporting competition.

A deep sickness in society

Why is it that sexual weirdness is being normalised, promoted and imposed on children whilst decent, Christian values are decried and ridiculed?

Two reasons.

First: government, schools, universities, public and sports organisations have been thoroughly infiltrated by radical homosexual and transgender activists, bent on normalising their fringe ideas and practices.

Second: government and Church have largely abandoned Christian morality, and offer little moral guidance to the young.

Indeed, the Church (both Catholic and Protestant) is now so lost and corrupt as to embrace practices and lifestyles that the Bible itself explicitly condemns!

The people most hurt by this moral inversion are the young, cast adrift on a tide of sexual confusion and immorality, against which parents must swim alone.

Is it any wonder that a society that heaps praise on deeply disorientated people suffers an epidemic of 'transgenderism' among impressionable youth?

It's notable that the strongest resistance to 'LGBT' indoctrination in schools is coming from Muslim communities.

For all our justified criticism of certain issues of Islam, we must admit that in this case Muslim parents are absolutely right.

Only we can stop the rot

American academic Camille Paglia has identified 'transgenderism as a mark of a civilization deep into decadence, nearing collapse' (Transgender & Civilization's Decline, The American Conservative, March 2017).

We believe the only ones who can prevent that collapse are the decent men and women of Britain, especially parents and teachers responsible for moral guardianship of children.

Britain First is the only political organisation to unreservedly condemn the mad pandering to sexually disorientated minorities that results in organisations like British Gymnastics knowingly putting girls and young women at risk.

We support families in opposing the tide of immorality and radical indoctrination that robs children of their innocence and identity.

Society needs strong male and female role models to teach the next generation what it means to be a man or woman, and to bring out the finest qualities in each:

We must support our own teens in understanding who they are. They must know that their identity lies not in the latest mixed-up gender ideology or in keeping up with their friends' fashion choices, but only in the God Who created us male and female.

Join our moral crusade!


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